Village Resources is a 501(c)(3) non-profit designed to mitigate the initial barriers that male and female “Adults in Custody” encounter after release from Oregon correctional facilities.

Individuals released from prison, generally leave with a renewed sense of hope and expectation that often is interrupted when confronted with the complexities of daily living. Existing pre-release planning support simply cannot provide the day-to-day navigation tools, and community support access necessary to guide and prepare them those first few critical days and weeks. For most, the reentry barriers are significant. Unresolved trauma and addiction behaviors lurk right over the horizon, adding more complexity to the reentry picture. For this confusing and anxiety laden post-release period, finding the energy and perspective to begin working on a plan to find employment, reunite with family, and successfully navigate the many day to day challenges, can overwhelm even the most prepared individual.

Village Resources was created to address and provide post-release resources for these individuals during their first 30-60 critical days after release. We offer mentorship and guidance immediately after they leave the prison environment. We assist them in the planning and logistics necessary to access key daily living resources, and support them in maintaining pro-social behaviors consistent with appropriate community living. Our core belief is that restorative justice is fully served, and the community is safer when these individuals can begin to rebuild their credibility, re-engage their spiritual affiliation, and fulfill their family responsibilities.

To help them on their reentry journey we also provide a variety of daily living essentials. For example; a cell-phone for easy access to employers, community resources and parole officers; work boots, tools and clothing for employment readiness; hygiene kits and transportation assistance including a bike; and mentor support; and direction to recovery programs such as Celebrate Recovery, all of these designed to mitigate the initial anxiety and confusion that can move the reentry effort in the wrong direction. 

The reentry support mission of Village Resources is now poised to assume a greater role in reentry support, as the Oregon Department of Corrections has handed off oversight of its post release reentry effort to community based non-profits, and dedicated community support organizations. So in effect, Village Resources will continue the work of the Home for Good in Oregon program, but with greater emphasis on community partnerships within both the public and private sectors.

The work and commitment that inspired the creation of Village Resources was built on the belief that working to restore an offenders self worth and pro-social community behavior, can be the beginning of a healing process that can lead to family reunification, and an end to destructive criminal patterns that tear at the roots of community safety and growth. The U.S. Department of Justice has identified 5 principles that are necessary to sustain optimal reentry efforts in individual jurisdictions. Principal V addresses the need to provide “comprehensive reentry-related information and to resources necessary to succeed in the community.” We intend to be in the position to do just that.