Vision Statement: To see every person in Oregon leaving the prison system empowered to live safely and productively in the community.

Village Resources believes that through partnership with with public and private sector agencies that our services can play an important role in assisting individuals leaving a correctional environment overcome the emotional, mental, and daily living challenges presented during the first few months after release. Village Resources primary focus is to provide eligible individuals, releasing from Oregon State Correctional Facilities, support and resources designed to eliminate the barriers to successful transition. We also encourage prosocial thinking by addressing criminal thinking patterns that can lead to a return to old problematic behaviors. Other key services include:

Directing them to recovery and support services that can assist them with housing, employment, medical and related social service based community resources. We are a Christian centered organization, however omnistic in our spiritual viewpoints, and recognize the value of encouraging individuals to connect with whatever spiritual resource would be of an emotional or daily living support. We also supply each individual with basic daily living resources that we are essential to navigate the first month or two after reentry. Prior to release, we partner with the inmate to develop a post-release needs assessment that is primarily focused on housing, transportation, employment and specific medical needs that must be in place for them to sustain appropriate community functioning after release.